Making your energy clean

With our clean energy upgrade, we source renewable electricity in the UK, and support projects across the world to help towards reducing COemissions.

We get certificates to cover both your electricity use and carbon emissions produced from your gas.

What do we mean by renewable electricity?

It’s electricity that's produced from solar (sun), wind, biomass (organic matter such as plants), wave and tidal (sea), hydroelectric (flowing water in rivers) and geothermal (energy stored within the earth).

We'll match 100% of your estimated annual electricity use with UK-sourced Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates.

REGOs are issued by the UK energy regulator (Ofgem) and provide proof that electricity has been generated by accredited renewable assets in the UK.

What is carbon offsetting?

When you use gas, you produce carbon emissions. To offset this, we buy Certified Emission Reduction (CER) certificates. This funds emission-reduction projects that reduce CO2 emissions in developing countries around the world.

CERs are carbon certificates issued by the United Nation’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Executive Board for emission reductions achieved by CDM projects in developing countries.

Additional information

Because of the way the energy grid works, it's not possible to guarantee all the electricity you get comes from renewable sources. However, by using REGOs we make sure that an equal amount of the electricity you use is added to the energy grid from renewable sources. 

Within our fuel mix, we generate 29% of our energy from renewable sources. 

There's no additional environmental benefit to this tariff – all the REGO and CER certificates that we buy come from existing renewable assets and emission-reduction projects.